Thursday, July 29, 2010


so... since this is a land of this Arizona law going to give the NATIVE Americans back THEIR land?

I don't understand how you can put forth a law in a land where everyone is mixed in race and then try to make a law again the race(which is pretty much what your doing-racial profiling) and think what you are doing is right?
Is this real life?
This isn't a country where everyone looks the same and you can pinpoint whose not from here but rather even if you look a little bit Hispanic you can be harrassed and violated like you have no rights... And don't tell me I'm exaggerating because you know how cops act toward "who they deserve" to get what,what they get..AND GUESS WHAT? Those cops will gladly beat/kill a Hispanic or someone who resembles someone Hispanic and say WELL THEY RESISTED ARREST or some bullshit reason that will get them off.

I could never understand how the powers that be could do such things...???
I mean, if that were you...or your mother,daughter,son...Would you want that for them or yourself?
I know I wouldn't...

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