Monday, March 15, 2010

You Think You Know Correct English? Okay "Webster" ...Check Out This!

It has come to my attention that some people might not realise that I spell things somewhat different to the USA so called “English” spelling.
This is because I live in Australia where we spell things as the English language was supposed to be spelt. With U’s in Colour, and S’s in realise instead of Z [pronounced Zee and not Zed ;)]
Therefore for your edutainment I have compiled a list of “Proper English” to “USA English” so that no grammar or spelking police will annoy me. LOL

English/AU                USA 
aeroplane                         airplane  
ageing                               aging  
aluminium                        aluminum
amortise                            amortize
anaemia                            anemia
analogue                          analog
analyse                             analyze
annexe                              annex
apologise                          apologize
armour                               armor
artefact                              artifact
authorise                           authorize
behaviour                         behavior
Blonde                               blond
calibre                                caliber
candour                             candor
capitalise                           capitalize
carburettor                        carburetor
catalogue                          catalog
catalyse                             catalyze
centre                                center
cheque (money/bank)         check
chequered                        checkered
clamour                             clamor
collectable                        collectible
colour                                color
convenor                           convener
cosy                                   cozy
counsellor                         counselor
criticise                              criticize
customise                         customize
defence                             defense
demeanour                       demeanor
dependant                        dependent
dialling                              dialing
dialogue                            dialog
disc                                    disk
doughnut                          donut
draught                              draft
emphasise                        emphasize
endeavour                        endeavor
enquiry                              inquiry
enrol                                  enroll
favour                                favor
favourite                            favorite
fibre                                    fiber
finalise                              finalize
flavour                               flavor
foetus                                fetus
fuelling                              fueling
galvanise                          galvanize
gaol                                    jail
generalise                         generalize
glamour                             glamor
grey                                    gray
harbour                             harbor
harmonise                        harmonize
honour                              honor
humour                             humor
initialise                             initialize
instalment                         installment
jewellery                            jewelry
kerb                                    curb
kilometre                           kilometer
labelled                             llabeled
labour                                labor
lasagne                             lasagna
Learnt                                learned
litre                                     liter
lustre                                  luster
manoeuvre                       maneuver
marvellous                        marvelous
maximise                          maximize
meagre                              meager
metre (measurement))          meter
modelled                           modeled
modelling                          modeling
mould                                mold
mum, mummy                 mom, mommy
neighbour                         neighbor
nett (as in an amount)           net
ochre                                 ocher
odour                                 odor
offence                              offense
optimise                            optimize
organisation                     organization
organise                            organize
orientate                            orient
orientated                          oriented
orthopaedic                      orthopedic
pædiatrics                         pediatrics
paedophile                       pedophile
paralyse                            paralyze
parlour                               parlor
penalise                            penalize
plough                               plow
practice (as a noun)            practice
practise (as a verb)             practice
pretence                            pretense
programme                       program
pyjamas                            pajamas
rancour                              rancor
realise                                realize
recognise                          recognize
rigour                                 rigor
rumour                              rumor
sabre                                  saber
saviour                              savior
savour                               savor
sceptical                            skeptical
signalling                          signaling
snorkelling                        snorkeling
speciality                           specialty
standardise                       standardize
sulphur                              sulfur
theatre                               theater
titbit                                    tidbit
tumour                               tumor
tyre                                     tire
valour                                valor
vapour                               vapor
vigour                                vigor
visualise                            visualize
woollen                             woolen

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