Monday, March 22, 2010

"The Electro Wars" Doc Trailer

If you have been with me from the begining you would know that I listen to 70 % of only one kind of music.. and that Electronica...( from the playlist that was once on this blog)
I wasn't always a fan..I mean I was aware, I liked it but I didn't listen..but in 2007 when I encounter a problem with my beliefs and hip hop.. I had to let it go and I moved on..How? via what was once Imeem (but sold there soul to myspace)  I discovered a new world.. one I was not aware existed... it got pushed further by downloading playlist/songs from blogs such and Banaboogie and Yumnaaa! It expanded more..and then I found the mother of all music blog finders... this trailer is special for me :-) and one of my favorite photographers I once blogged about , is in it too (Ysa Perez)...What I really love about this trailer my favorite songs by Toxic Avenger is playing through half of it.What I also like about electronica is that no one I know listens to it(which is kind of bittersweet)..and you know me.. I don't like anything that's common  at least not where I live.. 
However the lines are being blurred between what's "underground" and what's "mainstream."
Well enough of me is the trailer

The Electro Wars Final Trailer from Stephen Alex Vasquez on Vimeo.

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