Thursday, March 11, 2010

The Eclipse Break Down...3 Things

The Twilight Saga continues with the 3rd installment, Eclipse..
or for a better title "Victoria's Revenge"

You will notice some different things lets start with #1

1.Color Scheme
From the from movie Twilight to New Moon, both movies had a particular color scheme... like Twilight's iced-blues to New Moon's golden-oranges but this time around you will notice there isn't much color..its almost kinda of dull in comparison to the first two films.. I was kind of hoping for deep red and dark dark dark blues only because of this book's central theme of "fire(Jacob Black) and ice(Edward Cullen)"or maybe something darker, since this book is a bit darker and more violent than the first two(however not as dark and devilish as the final installment-Breaking Dawn)..if there were to describe the would be something you would put a classroom with..not very invitating.
2. The New Victoria
(Bryce Dallas Howard)
 (Rachelle Lefevre)
A couple of months ago I went on an insane rant about how Rachelle Lefevre should have stayed the same Victoria... well juding from this 5 sec clip..I still feel the same way... When you see her launch through the your mind you're picturing Rachelle's evil,cold, fierce grin..but instead you see this new person and you're like wtf is this? I don't even.. I literally stopped the trailer.. it totally slipped my mind...I was expecting to see the HBIC (as she is known on the net) but I didn't get that...I got Bryce Dallas Howard(Ron Howard's daughter) actress who has suspectly replaced 3 actresses in 3 sequels when things wouldn't go through(daddy maybe?)..She wasn't as frightening (or frightening at all)or as graceful as Rachelle was in Twilight and New Moon. With Rachelle as Victoria, you could feel the intense rage of a soulless, hellish existence just from looking in her eyes, and she didn't have to say a word..and that's just something you can't imitate.(not to mention, she took trapeze classes on her own to be perfect for the part.)There is another thing you can't imitate and its #3
3.The Battle of the Wigs
I watched it on Youtube but not in HD but apparently from forums.. Bella is wearing a wig, and not a good one. In fact she  may have borrowed Jacob's wig from New Moon.. lol ahahah.. I didn't notice but a good amount of you did.Reason for the wig maybe because Kristen Stewart started filming the Runways(the biopic on Joan Jett, immediately after the wrapping of New Moon, in which she cut her hair and dyed it jet black). But one wig I could see as clear as day was the new Victoria's...It was quite evident it was fake fake fake in comparison to Rachelle real,red,long locks ..which fitted the books images to a T...but I digress
well.. that's all I really noticed.. I hope that Eclipse is better than New Moon.. and I hope they stick to the book, there were tons of quotes I wish I had wrote down the first time I read the book.. 
I don't want to spoil anything so I won't say much..However, with constant teasers and a full theatrical trailer you can pretty much tell whats going to happen..But,I will give you this.. If you have never read Breaking Dawn..brace yourself..99% of the storyline..will be so shocking

you will never see coming

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