Monday, February 22, 2010

How To Feel Rich...For A Little While

I don't know about you but... sometimes when I am indulging in certain products.. I can't help but feel...well.. a little I know you are confused,but things are about to start making sense....Here are some products and/or activities that can make you feel a little rich....


Now I hate Coffee but doesn't it look cool? Honestly, I think some girls just go to Starbucks just to have a cup that says "Starbucks"... Sometimes, I even think they save the cups/containers and put cheap coffee it in, and just walk around with the fake lattee.. lol...but of course this is just when you're walking around..This wouldn't be complete if you didn't add #2


But if you're not in a rush, its nice to pull out the Macbook(not a PC, if you have a PC hide it immediately...not cool dude..not cool) at the coffee shop and just play on it. Sure, you're the only one that knows you're just playing soltaire or on facebook, but you keep that little Word doc open.. pretending to write a novel...what I am doing if I go to a coffee shop? I am blogging... which is what I do 90% of the day.. okay off subject. And its a great social scene, but incase you're there alone.. you might wanna call some friends up with #3

3. Blackberry

i-Phone is cool, Palms are ok, and every other cellphone but its nothing like the Blackberry.. I mean look at The Hills, Rachel Zoe Project,Gossip Girl and any other show about rich famous,glamourous,fashionable people.. What do they all have next to their ears? A BLACKBERRY...but hey what if your friends say they can't make it? Where do you think they are? They're at #3


No, you just can't go to the gym..the "common-ies" are have to go to a private class, and not aerobics.. what is that? some 1995 term, we don't even know.But yoga, it's nice..and soothing..all its what the rich and pretty people do... lol (see the theme I'm going for)...But you've been yoga-cising for..oh what.. 15mins? You must have an appetite.. off to #5

5.Sushi Bar/Vegan Place

Now... this is one of my personal favorites.. I mean SUSHI IS GREAT, but so is the intrinstic reward.. its like "look at me, I can afford 5 pieces of small food for 10 bucks!" But in all honestly I love Sushi.. But don't like sushi(what is wrong with you?)get a salad.. you not only feel rich but you feel healthy! You also have to have something to drink...water is great..powerade is great.. #6  is better


Ain't nothing like spending $6 on a slushed drink...back in my day..a smoothie was $4 for a its a half-a-tank of gas(well in my car) but I digress... but they are delicious! Throw that empty container in the trash and go to #7

7. A Bookstore 

With your classical/jazz music on(on your iPod of course..not ZUNE..I said iPod)... and you have to go a good section like maybe the philsophy section.stuff like that... (excludes science fiction unless its one thats not "heavily scrutinized" but I won't name any names).. I go to Barnes and Nobles and see people lying around with the books and I'm like "don't people have to buy these books?is this a library? why is that guy on the last chapter and not gonna buy the book?yep, he totally just put that book back on the shelf.." SO.. after you finish reading that book you didn't pay for, you can still read and still feel entitled. But hey..don't leave just that what you think it is? oh yea..its #8

8.A Molekskin Notebook

I have one, he has one,she has one.. pretty much everyone in the store has one, and at that coffee shop they all have one.. and what if you went back to that coffee shop and you need to take notes about something? Right.You would be writing on your hands.. and thats not rich honey..but its been a long day..Add #9 & 10


I don't drink but supposedly wine is supposed to be refined and stuff.. so  while your pouring that.. you should drawing water for --->

10.LUSH Soap Bath/Bubble Bath

now this is for the girls.. and guys if you're into smelling really good, like flowers and candy.
Now I haven't had a chance to participate in spending $8 for ONE bar of soap yet, but I soon will.. I have seen so many "hauls" on youtube for it and I am sold... you're in your expensive bubble bath,playing jazz,drinking wine--recalling an entitled day.

disclaimer:these activites in no way, shape, or form will make you rich or entitled .its just made to make you feel that way:fake it til you make it is the motto, all items were dreamed up while playing a Flying Lotus album.. its not meant to offend the rich, or the poor who don't participate in such activities..

3 afterthoughts:

Anonymous said...

This is weird. Not to mention pathetic.

L'Artiste said...

your following of my blog is kinda weird and not to mention pathetic
please go suck a dick

Anonymous said...

I think that sometimes we have to feel so special, and even if this way isnt "right" but it works... so it's cool as hell. i got a blackberry, and i have your same opinion...Iphone is cool, but a berry is a berry....