Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Fashion Career Tips from The Best: Kelly Cutrone

1. Try your hand at vintage reselling.
“A long time ago, I used to be a professional vintage resale person,” admits Cutrone. “I would go out to thrift stores like the Salvation Army and cherry-pick through the pieces, then bring them back and resell them to vintage stores in L.A. That’s a really cool way to get into fashion.”
2. Align yourself with the right brand.
“If you want to be a contemporary person, get a job at Steve Madden,” says Cutrone. “Same thing [goes] for designers: They should work in a house at a big company so they can see how it works.”
3. Intern—even if you have to pay for it.
“People are teaching communications theory in college, but communications theory doesn’t translate into the fucking 21-year-old knowing how to take a fucking phone message,” gripes Cutrone. “So I’m actually thinking, like, we should get paid! Enough of this interning for free! You come here and you try to ruin my company—pay me $10,000!”
4. Get your timing right.
“Do not send a letter in May—that’s the worst thing to do,” says Cutrone. “Nobody in fashion is hiring anybody in May. August and January are the best times to interview.”
5. Become BFFs with your dream boss’s assistant.
“You’d be surprised how many assistants are looking for cool interns to help them out,” says Cutrone.
6. Don’t rhyme in your cover letter. Ever.
“I hate stupid letters, like, ‘I have a passion for fashion,’” says Cutrone. “How do you know? You’ve never even worked in the fashion industry! You have no idea what it’s like!”
7. Follow your gut.
“Sometimes people will be like, ‘You’re a really smart businesswoman.’ But I’m really not. I’m a really intuitive person. And I’m fearless. And I’m crazy,” says Cutrone. “That combination is usually really, really good.”

Read more: http://newyork.timeout.com/articles/shopping/82342/kelly-cutrones-top-seven-totally-blunt-tips-for-breaking-into-the-fashion-industry#ixzz0f1FUHbkU

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Redford said...

Great advice. Vintage reselling seems to be really big at the moment and from what I've seen you can make a tidy earning. I think it's one of the fashion jobs that you could do on the side of another job without too much effort.