Monday, September 21, 2009

Fashion Things I Plan To Buy In A Few Days

(no photos --too much work lol)

1.boyfriend blazer
2.stripped black & white knit sweater(coco chanel inspired) nailpolish
4.platform black shoes
5.headband + bow
6.studded jewelry(bought!)
7.fake david yurman ring(bought!)
8.striped leotard via american apparel tights tube skirt ankle combat boots
13.Nirvana shirt
14.Rolling Stones shirt
15.spiked bracelet
16.AC/DC shirt
17.Mad Men's black dress
18.Teen Vogue handbook
19.Acting for Dummies
20.5 Language European Translator

notice everything in this list is black or silver(jewelry)
black is the new black...and always will be

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