Monday, August 31, 2009

16 Fall Fashion Must

here we go...
(these are based off my observation of blogs, however I live in the south ,so while the people in NYC may have been doing this, we are just catching up)

1.The Boyfriend Blazer

in 2004 blazers went hard.. and now their back.. but in a subtle form..
take any regular outfit and make it chic by adding a nice little blazer over it.


yes, they're still here, and I think they will last next summer they will be replaced

3.Sterling Silver

nothing says earth and purity like sterling silver...especially sterling silver rings...

4.Black Nails

is it me? or do you too feel high fashion when you wear black nails? the goths & emos have been copied(sorry guys) and now trickle up to the fashion world. With black nails you can wear it with anything --why?because black is the new black..


..and it doesn't even have to be cold.. and I don't mean those Pakistani scarfs,those are so last seasons but just a nice regular scarf, but in bright reds,purples,greens...

6.Floral Print

Floral pritns made a comeback from the God awful 90s to this Spring.. and its not over yet....(however Katy Perry beat you to the punch a year ago) may not be able to wear that beautiful sleeves sundress(unless you wanna catch a cold), but a nice floral top and cardigan will do, however don't invest in florals too much, I don't expect this "trend" to last...


religion is popular in Hollywood, celebs wear Buddhas, catholic prayer bracelets, red Kabbalah strings.. and don't even believe(in what there wearing) so anyone can wear it, but if you would like to adorn yourself in greatness--a rosary is the way...


came out in Spring 06...left for a while and made a super comeback in 2008...its been out so long that i'm sure the indie kids will drop it, then you will too...

9.The Leather Jacket

was leather ever out of style?well depends on how you wear it, but if you want to stand out...
something like leather makes you look so well put together

10.Peacoat/Scallop Coat/Just COATS people!

this one never gets old either, doesnt even need an introduction as if #9 did either...

11.The Michael Jackson Jacket

it wont last long, because The King was the only one that could wear, but for this short period
you can too...unless your Rihanna,Kanye, whoever.. you can wear it longer because rules don't apply to you guys...


add a dazzle to something simple, make an outfit say something completely different, and just wear one.. never gets old


at one point belts got outta hand, and the commonest of it-- brought down the property value


unisexed... makes you look hip,artsy, refined.. like you do more than watch tv and look at all day..and the bigger the shirt, the bigger but lets not look like a nightgown either(p.s. girls with major boobage --this is not the look for you).I'm wearing one to my internship tomorrow

15.Ankle Boots/Booties

makes short skirts look not so short.. and regular into extraordinary.. and if you have skinny legs,makes them look proportionate


okay now i'm starting to rample into park to so I'll make this an uneven 16 and I didn't even get into hairstyles..oh well....
with the right vest you can look great,with the wrong could end up looking like a waiter/waitress so make sure that it isn't too matchy matchy with your bottom..

part deux coming soon...