Sunday, December 20, 2009

Death's List

UPDATED 12.20.09...
gotta new list...
except I didn't make it...

Death did..
In the last month the frequency of celebrity deaths ---really make you think...
hmm..well it should... because it maybe a sign...of things to come
(orginally made on 7.6.09...)

1.David Carradine(June 4-Asphyxiation-Actor-72)
2.Ed McMahon(June 24-Natural Causes?-86 years)
3.Farrah Fawcett (June 25-Cancer-TV Actress-62 years)
4.Michael Jackson(June 25-Cardiac Arrest/Murdered-Entertainer-50 years)
5.Billy Mays(June 28-Heart Attack-TV Salesman-50 years)
6.Steve McNair(July 4-Murder Suicide[by his mistress]- Ex-NFL Player-36 years)
7.John Hughes (August 8-Heart Attack-Director-59 years)
8.DJ AM (Adam Goldstein) (August 28-Drug Overdose-Entertainer-36 years)
9.Patrick Swayze (September 14-Cancer-Actor-57 years)
10.Chris Henry-December 18-Head Injury-NFL Player-26 years)
11.Brittany Murphy-December 20-Cardiac Arrest-Actress-32 years
12.who knows

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Anonymous said...

you forgot ted kennedy