Sunday, July 12, 2009


built out of anger,sweat, and shame...

1. I hate how your hands are, its like they're not meant for your body, like there an accessory, and you should tuck them in somewhere

2.I hate how your feet are.. you walk bold legged.. and ur always takin off ur shoes, which magnifies how f*ked up your walk and feet are

3.I hate how you whine.. it was like i was in a relationship with a b*'re too emotional.. get over yourself

4.I hate how you're a pushover.. you say you don't wanna be like your dad, but um the apple doesnt fall too far from the your last girl walked over you, and didnt want you yet you still run after her. Your girl before that was a hoe, and you fell for her too.. what a dumba**

5.I hate how you beg.. its so pathetic..sometimes i just wanna kick you like the little pathetic dog you are...

6.I hate how big your zits are nowadays, that day when you gave that pathetic plea of how much you liked me , all i could look at was that big a** zit...ew

7.I hate how overly sexual you are. stop trying to beg and force me... i'm a virgin, and you're not worth getting into my pants.. no wonder your last girl didn't wanna have sex with you..

8.I hate how you think you such a good person.. just because you're overly emotional doesn't make you a good person.. just like how you think if you keep in contact with the girls you screw over?like that makes you a good person just because you keep in contact with them?

9.I hate your psuedo-christianity.. you're two amens from being an atheist.. just admit. it.

10.I hate how big things in your face are..i usually like people with smaller features..

11.I hate how you spend tons of money on bullsh*t like $135 shirts that look like crap but you have no air in your house.

12.I hate how you date ugly girls, i mean if you were gona screw me over, at least she coulda been pretty than me...

13.I hate how your hair was that day.. it was like a haircut done with the lights off..ew

14.I hate how you have no style..its like why are you wearing a pink striped button down with red and blue nikes?that doesn't match.. with your paychecks don't buy gadgets.. buy style

15.I hate how close to gay you are(looks,statements,).. if you want to be gay, stop fooling us.. just date a guy..

16.I hate how you have over 20 sex partners in less than 5 years.. you're a male whore..whores don't get friggin' std cocktail

17.I hate how fat you've gotten, in highschool you we're slim.. when you got a girlfriend you let yourself go,your a** is bigger than mines

18.I hate how you think we have this chemistry bond.. we don't.. i'm just bored and you're a product of the time.

19.I hate how lame you are.. all the time we spent together i was thinking "i can't wait to find someone who isn't so pathetic and desperate"

20.I hate how you talk about your problems about your sucky a** dad, your a**hole ex, and everything in between, i guess i gave you the impression that i cared.

21. I hate how wack your car is, i'm ashamed to be seen in it...

22.i hate how yellow your teeth is...straight teeth, but shine like the sun

23.I hate how you lie and lie and wonder why all your exes either dump or go postal on you

24.I hate how you blow up my fone, get the hint.. i don't want you...

25.I hate how you wasted my time, i hope the wrong b*tch comes around and Lorena Bobbitt's you..

2 afterthoughts:

AsToldByErica said...

you spoke the truth. ;]
the real truth...
and nothing but the truth.

L'Artiste said...