Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson 1958-2009

words can not express how crushed i am...
michael jackson was the first vhs tape,cassette tape,cd i ever received...
my first crush
my first obsession
that has followed me since i was 4...
i have every album he has ever made.
i still listened to him as if he made the song yesterday and it was fresh on the radio
i won't lie
i wanted human nature to play at my wedding in guitar acoustic by john mayer
my dog was gona be name michael jack.
my son... i wanted my SON.. to be name Michael Juelz.. just so he could have the initials MJ
i usually take death very well
very well...
since Aaliyah and LeftEye, i have never cried at any death after that.
last night.. i couldn't sleep...
it all felt so wrong...
i got 2hrs of sleep that night
i woke up and saw farrah fawcett was dead... and you know what i thought
do you really wanna know what i thought?
i thought to myself "if michael jackson died, i would lose it--but that won't be for years, he's only 50 anyway)
1-2hrs later....i got a text saying he was in cardiac arrest
and 10minutes later.. he was dead
my fone was overflowed with calls from family,friends.enemies, even EXES to see if i was alright
it was like i lost my childhood.
when i listened to mjj.. it was so i can dance and have a good time
now i listen in pain and anger...
seeing michael jackson-dead,died,not alive is not real
so sudden.. i never saw it coming. did he?
25th anniversary of thriller...
the little boy who never grew up
50 years old...
he was only 50 years old.
i never thought...
middle age for him would be 25.

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