Saturday, June 6, 2009

9 Sites That Totally Make The TIme Go By Faster

a year ago I made a list of helpful and interesting websites...well time to do it again...
and these you will love...
here we goooooo
"The visual bookmark for everyone" has perfect photography of anything you can image and type...Wanna see fashion? the best fashion will appear, want to see lomography?--Only the best will appear, want to see the city of Seattle?Only the best pictures of Seattle...Unlike Flickr where anything can appear this website is just pretty...yes I said it.."PRETTY"
Pictures are user submitted(well chosen)


If Youtube was sleeker,more efficient and in all HD..this would be it..
Most clips are from people in the arts however the great thing about these clips is that there are all in High Definition... blogs,mini-films,music videos all can be seen here as clear as crystal..
You can download any video, and when I say any video I mean and even Vimeo..Here is the you can get almost anything on your, 5min,, 9you, Bebo,, Bofunk, BollywoodHungama, Break, Broadcaster, Buzznet,,,, ClipJunkie, ClipShack, CollegeHumor, CrunchyRoll, Current, Dailymotion, dalealplay,, DoubleAgent, eBaumsWorld, elpolvorin, eSnips, ExpertVillage, Facebook, Flurl, FunnyJunk, FunnyorDie, Glumbert, GoFish, Google Video, Graspr, Hallpass, HowCast, HowStuffWorks, iShare.Rediff, Izlesene, Jokeroo, Jumpcut, Kewego, ku6, LiveVideo, LiveLeak, MediaBum, Megavideo, Metacafe, MilkandCookies, Mojoflix, MonkeySee, MusicMaza, Myspace,, Pikniktube, Photobucket, PokerTube, Putfile, PWNorDIE,, RetroJunk, SantaBanta, Sevenload, Sina, Sharkle, Shoutfile, Snotr, Spike,, StupidVideos, SuperDeluxe, SuperNovaTube, Tangle, TeacherTube, TheOnion, TinyPic, TotallyCrap, TrickLife,, Tudou, vbox7, Veoh,,, Vidiac, Vidivodo, Viddyou, VideoWebTown, VidPK, Vimeo,, WeGame, Wuapi, Yahoo Videos, Yikers, Yobler, Youku, YourFileHost, YouSportz, Youtube, YummyBun, ZippyVideos, Zoopy,
cool right?

The funniest e-cards you will ever read and maybe sometimes the worst.. You will find nothing but sarcasm in these cards, but its the thought that counts right?
WRONG.. okay actually right...

And you thought you had it bad? This site is =warmed up for some of the worst possible things that could happen to someone...some are friggin HILAROUS and some are just plain SAD...submit you anoymous FML my stories today!
"The CNN of HipHop" is the site I visit every single day and I am not joking around! They take all the funniest clips from YouTube, events from hiphop celebs and wrap them into one site. Anything you missed is all right here.

Remember Super Mario Bros.3?or Kirby? or DuckHunting???? well this retro site lets you play over 100 of Nintendo's best games for FREE(no download required!)... you know how you people love the word FREE!lol Go ahead and relive those nostalgic dreams :-)
(via Kotin)
If you love fashion and looking at it all day.. and even show people how fashionable you are ..this is that site.. Its a social community where strangers-okay thats sounds weird-- where "people" post there everyday outfits of the day with a detail notation of where they bought each piece from! With an account you can also comment and make friends with people who have your similar style. You can even learn a thing or too if you're not to sure what the latest trends are.

Stalking takes mobile form in a website called "Twitter." In 140 characters or less you can find out what people are doing, they can find out what you are doing and everything in between...Need a quick poll on what people are thinking about a certain issue? you can find it here in real time. Want to advertiste your site? you can do it here. Want to find out if your significiant other is cheating?well you can do that here too(I mean if their stupid enough to broadcast it but you'll be surprised what people do)...The perfect tool to remember what you've just done or if keep others updated on what you are doing...

have a happy weekend!

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Mizz E said...

the look book website is amazing thats for the tip ...another website that is pretty kool is it let you create your own like lookpop/fashion forcast/collage

L'Artiste said...

omg thanksssssss