Friday, May 22, 2009

21 questions you should ask before dating someone....

you know i had a roomate from nyc..and she told me that in nyc you have to make sure you ask alottttttttttta questions.. to be sure that you know who you are dealing with.. she said in nyc people will tell you the truth...but i beg to differ downsouth...but hey it never hurts to try...
1.have you ever cheated? you swing or into the "group" thing? you have any children out of wedlock?
4.have you ever had a STD? you still currently have that STD? you have an ex or someone of that equivalent residing with you?
7.ever been to jail? you have bad credit?
9.whats your body count?(for men divide it by 3, for women add 3) you worship the devil? or ever participated in satanic practices and/or sacrifices? you like to steal other things beside music?
12.are you married?
13.are you still married and just telling me "its over" because your "seperated" but still legally married?? you have a girlfriend/boyfriend?whores?"clients" and you plan to put me in those categories?
15.are you gay,confused or bi and think i'm the test to see if you really like the opposite sex?(this works well if your trying to pursue a HETERO relationship??)
16.does your job require heels?poles?nudity?standing on corners waiting for fat guys who will pay you for your great talents?
17.ever got so mad at an ex that you destroyed something major of value of theirs --such as car windows,tires,apartment,high priced item? you have any crazy exes..who could be currently watching us talk right now? you like to harm animals?or find a morbid stuff---funny? you have a history of bedwetting while your mother told you how much of a whore you were for peeing in the bed? (ok i'm totally joking with this one...but then again..) you know what a restraining order paper looks like.. have you ever had to use it, or seen it used on someone like YOURSELF?
part two coming soon

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Anonymous said...

This was literally no help at all. I want to know what a teenager should ask before dasting someone