Sunday, February 8, 2009

Ike and Tina 2009

Apparently singer/performer Chris Brown went "Ike" on his girlfriend Rihanna Fenty just before The Grammy Awards. Rihanna who was to perform that night didn't show and was said that she was in a car accident. However, later on Chris Brown turn himself in for beating her from "wall to wall" with a (assault)deadly weapon. He had a bail set to $50,000 ,which he later made. I ain't one to gossip but rumor has it is that Chris punched Rihanna in her face because she supposedly gave him herpes (which I seriously DOUBT), but you didn't hear that from me! Honestly, I thought ole girl could fend for her self because of an interview in a 2007 Complex magazine issue saying that she was a "tomboy" and once even "popped her brother in the face with a glass bottle..."
All I have to say in WOW,Chrisbreezy didn't know you had it in you....
(and why was "What's Love Got To Do It With It" on Lifetime Sunday night)

(click pic for arrest information sheet)

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Anonymous said...

well u didnt hear that herpes thing from me either..lmao