Thursday, January 8, 2009

5 Software Choices You Must Have

1.Audio Hijack Pro

the most legal illegal software in the land.. ever heard a song online you couldn't find NO WHERE (i mean even if you tried to buy it from iTunes, or steal it from LimeWire)..? well this device helps you record streaming audio from ANYWHERE, and I mean anywhere in HQ format.

2.Virtual DJ

This is like a DJ system.. on your.. computer..DUH
you can remix songs however you want, and you can even hook up your turntables or mixer to your system and it use it from there.. very innovative and good for people who aren't quite ready to invest in turntables just yet.

3.Adobe Photoshop 7+ higher

well everyone pretty much has this..
i mean if they don't have the latest the easiest one to obtain is the Adobe 7.. I use CS2 for my photographic/retouching needs :-)


want to convert files to playable ones to go on your iPod?well here it is. I mean of course you can use sites like, but who wants to wait all day for a conversion(exaggerated a bit) ,its better to have all you need right here at home..


well i have no idea how to open .rar files on a mac...until like last night
all thanks to this little program...

all can be found on

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