Wednesday, October 8, 2008


yea i was gonna do a list,
but i got sidetracked but i got 2 things to say

1.OMG....Rihanna looks so cute in this screen shot from Disturbia
i ♥ the vintage.retro look

2.Talk about bitchassness..if you kick Aubrey out the group guess what?
Danity Kane will fail. It doesn't even matter if she's a good singer(or not) or whatever else, the
girl brings publicity and something "extra."
Even when she came to my school, people weren't like: 'DWOODS!ADRIENA!SHANNON!'
They were only shouting one name and that was "Aubrey!"
Since this wasn't the real season finale like MTV claimed, I doubt she's really out..She'll probably apologize or they all break down and cry and she'll get back in the group...

goodnight everyone

3 afterthoughts:

Chic Noir said...

I wonder if Aubrey is pregnant? She seems to have picked up weight suddenly.

L'Artiste said...

oooh i thought she got implants! not

Chic Noir said...

well if they are implants she just threw the line of her body off. If makes her look like she about 5 months along.