Thursday, October 23, 2008

5 People Who Have Created A "Cult-Like" Following via Myspace

this is a repost from February...


Claim to Fame: Wearing pink everyday for over 3 years, and one of the most faked profiles of myspace history.
Jennifer, nicknamed "Pinky" joined myspace in 2005, and by 2006 had an overestimated 200 fakes on myspace,facebook, xanga and any other profile sites. Ms.Pinky was faked so much,that some of her fakes even "photoshopped" her hand which listed her friend id #. She then attempted to make a comeback in 2007, but after being deleted several times (because of her fakes reporting her as a fake) she was forced to leave the internet for good in November 2008. Pinky has no profile on the internet to date, except an official fan club.


Claim to Fame:appearance in Complex mag, and DefPenRadio
Panama Fetish, The Queen of World, is some of the other names that may come to mind when you see/hear this young woman. A photographer/model and graphic designer,she is grew up in V.A. Santana which is a family name has appeared in complex magazine, as well working tons of other projects such as Rehab Magazine,GAS'D and even has appeared on DefPenRadio.
"P.Santana is crack,so get addicted..."

3.Jefree Star

Claim To Fame: myspace,makeup and what else?-plastic surgery
Easily one of MySpace's most identifiable names, Jeffree Star, 21, aka an "internet celebrity," “the queen bitch in the underground” but with an upcoming record and television show,Jefree hit the Hollywood clubs, where he would dress in outlandish mini dresses and 9 inch high heels. This is where he met celebrities that loved his makeup work and tapped his number into their cell.

3.Teyana Taylor

Location: Harlem, NY
Claim to Fame: appearance on MTV's My Super Sweet Sixteen & signature to ST*RTrak records.
Sometimes called the "Teen President" Ms.Taylor appeared on MTV's My Super Sweet Sixteen as the girl who just wanted a bike. After that appearance, her myspace friends increased over night by 100,000++.Recently after signing with StarTrak, her most recent single "Google Me" is one of the most listened to songs on myspace.

2.Chris Crocker

Claim to Fame: "Leave Britney Alone!"video
Chris,who has been a gay & proud internet actor for a year is a man who produces videos about life and living in his grandparent's home. Prior to his most viewed video response:("Leave Britney Alone!") to the attack of Britney Spears' MTV awards performance, he was already one of the most watched video producers of Myspace and YouTube.

1.Tila Tequila

Location: Hollywood,CA
Claim To Fame: appearance in playboy,and the most viewed person on myspace
When Tila Nguyen first joined, she never dreamed it would make her an internet celebrity. Quoted as "I just kept adding friends,and just updating my page" not only has Myspace gained her fame,but in 2007 it also gained her own reality show on MTV properly titled "A Shot At Love"

(some biographies were taken directly from persons' myspace,for more info check their links below)

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