Monday, October 27, 2008

5 New Websites I Visit EVERYDAY..well almost

yea, i don't post much, i sold my soul to my university so now I have no life...
but apparently eventually i'll get a newer, better life? (according to "selling your soul" etiquette)

wanna see things from your childhood?or teen days(if you're older?)
well this is the place.. media from the 80's and 90's

still feeling nostaglic from #1? well play all the games you once played when you had that Nintendo back in the day...

like confessionals?well this is the place...but trust me there's an electronic version


still haven't got enough of confessions?well this electronic version of postsecret (not literally)
has people confessing all day, every second, and you can even confess a little too :-)
yea, i put my own site on this AND WHAT?

3 afterthoughts: said...

aw i love grouphug

L'Artiste said...

yea its the best

Just A Tad Bit said...

retrojunk almost brought a tear to my eye lol. memoriessss!!!!!