Sunday, September 7, 2008

10 Things About The VMA's 2008

Not too impressed with the VMA's, but then again I havent been impressed since I was in grade school.. but here we go....

1.Miley Cyrus and Katy Perry arrive in the same limo?
apparently to smash some rumors???

2.T.Pain comes in on an elephant?
i'm sorry dude but you came out looking like a ghetto Mr.Monopoly..

3.Who is Russell Brand and why was he the host?
I like Russell, but he's 20 yrs too late(the hair, the accent=so 80's), and not famous enough.. and too many penis jokes..ewwww

4.Britney Spears=3 awards?
i'm not hating but this was not the year for her to win.. now if she would have done a great performance, like the one's she known for ---tonight..then coool but she should have been won theses awards...just not this year....

5.Is it me ?or was Rihanna and Chris Brown not together all?
yea from , i notice the distance keeps getting further and further...
even JayZ & Beyonce sat together at awards shows...

6. If a crowd doesn't react, the performance will SUCK no matter how good it actually was...
umm... since '02 i would agree the crowd has been --well... DEAD at the VMAs.

7.Jordin Sparks?
Perez Hilton calls out Russell Brand's sex problem?
Jordin Sparks did get a bit real when it came to chastity rings by saying "yes some of us arent sluts" and Yes, Perez blasted Brand with the U.K reports of Brand's sex problem...then he(Perez) kissed one of the male VJs when he finished that statement about Brand.. yea dude i know you mad lol

their outfits? just what kinda Satanic sh*t???

WAIT i'm trying to understand my notes I took while watching lol

it was good,but it ain't nothing like seeing her in person....

10.Michael Phelps can swim, but he needs a communications class...
yea he lacks a bit of charm ,however that Olympic medal(s) is a fair trade...


11. The lead from Tokio Hotel & Chase from Gossip Girls CGI(could get it?)
Tokio boy is hot in a weird, androgynous way...and Chase is just H0T..

12. Lil Wayne gave Fruit of the Loom free advertistement...
and rappers? why am i going to college again?

(hey if my grammar is bad or i skipped a few words lol let me know...)

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