Sunday, June 1, 2008

the weekly occurences

Here's an undetailed list about random occurences...

1.yves st.laurent dies

i always wanted a ysl purse but of course--do i look rich but bless his soul...i read he was really depressed and had fake friends.. i guess there is hope for me :-)

2.will & jada no more?

true or false?i saw it on cnn in my sleep and never saw it again...maybe its true,maybe its not...who knows... & the city

middle age women having sex.(okay not that middle just like around 28)hello!

4.dimepiece! i love it!
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i love this thing they made...cause i'm down with the whole *jesus,god* hallejjuh on this add..

5.all my favorite season finales themselves
well i have nothing to watch anymore...all of my shows have finished...bad girls club,the hills,flavor of i basically have nothing to watch but this computer screen.

6.kanye and his many videos

um kanye is bored therefore he has like 3 versions of one song...i haven't picked my favorite just yet..
or you can look at the 3rd version.. here

7.the birthpains continue

the tornadoes are worst,the earthquakes' locations are random, and the economy is worsening... stay tune for my post on the sign of the end of the world from a religious perspective..hope i don't offend you...


he added me as a friend on myspace and he's the next best thing next to flying lotus or pase rock...check him prob recognize him as the GAS'D guy...oh yea i wanna gas'd shirt..who wants to help me out?

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