Thursday, May 22, 2008

50 more things

months ago i posted the 5o things i like? well i have scraped 50 more things...
hope i didnt repeat...

damn hell gif

51.horror movies 52.the soup(show) 53.the office 54.photoshop 55.stewie griffin 56.psychological thrillers 58.the book of revelations(so what?) 59.dollar stores 60. forever 21 61.sega genesis 62.nintendo 63. sour apple snowballs 64.the music scores from horror movies 65.web-surfing 66. weird people 67.mass communications 68.dooling in class 69.low gas prices 70.bill clinton in office 71.socks 72.the hills 73.daydreaming 75.classes that have nothing to do with my major 78.lipgloss 78.the ol' nickelodeon 78.pepperoni pizza 79.necklaces with food on it lines from songs 82.hello kitty 83.waterbeds 84.the funny things moms says 85.touchscreen phones 86.chinese soul food 87.gummi bears porn(not what you think) 89.funny home videos 90.uffie 91.flying lotus 92.reverend wright 93.michael moore 94.glenn beck 95.whistling whole songs 96.icee's 97.the french quarters 98.documentaries 99.whats in your bag? 100.festivials

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