Monday, April 28, 2008

This Week --Incase You Missed It!

1.Miley Cyrus gets embarrassed?

i don't see what the big deal with the picture,its not like
shes covering a nipple or just ass out..
she just has a sheet.. very artistic as my opinion, but i guess since her age
people are gonna blow it out proportion..
young britney in training...
( she really doesnt look 15 to me)

2.jeremiah wright strikes back

what doesn't kill you..only gets you more publicity... people like Rush Limbard(i can't spell his name) thought that they were gonna bring J-dog down..but nahhh lol
jeremiah spoke at a NAACP dinner and promoted being "different" as not being deficient.
"hottest brotha on the planet" got a standing ovation...
he is to appear on Glenn Beck tonight, 8pm/central-CNN

3.the [santo]gold has finally been found

i am so happy that people are finally picking up on Ms.Santogold!
i did a post on her a while back and now she is finally gettin the
exposure she deserves!
wanna hear her songs?run thru my playlist(it should be playing now)
or wait til April 29th- to buy her album in stores!

4.Buttnaked with some glitter and a beeper

lol i don't know if Erykah was high or just funny but
this interview on how you can "make it" as a female star
was hilarous...

5.Ok,"Lets not get ghetto"

it got a little ignorant on this past Real World:Hollywood when Southern, yet ignorant belle --- Kimberly told castmember Breanna "lets not get ghetto" after KIMBERLY cursed her out first.
Kimberly then goes to another cast member of the house & says: "I don't care if you came from the most innercity *blackville* you shouldnt act like that.."
yea're a bad person...

6.poor audrina

i just love watching the just brings out the materialism and superficial in me!
seems like Lauren & Lo are moving into a house(wow can we say "predictable")
and Audrina is moving in,too...but from that the last 15 seconds of weird chewing at dinner between Audrina,Lo and Lauren.. we already know = DRAMA!

7.Tax rebates?where's mine?
So i heard Bushie is giving tax-rebates to help the economy..
and they are entering deposit accounts as we speak..or as i type..
so all i have to say is where is my $600...(married couples get $1200, and kids under 17 get..$300- either way works for me!)

8.the polygamy cult

you know that last month in Texas a polygamorous cult was found and brought to a close..with almost 470 children, that were fathered by older men who went with underage teens, now going to foster care(not the best idea).. now they are doing tons of paternity tests (yea,maury u shoulda got in on this) to find out who are the fathers. Half of the mothers and kids don't even know their own date of birth... sad indeed

9.New orleans Jazz & Hertiage Festival

well, there is always a festival in my town and this week is JAZZ FEST ..
so tourist(s) if you are in town..head out to the festival..enjoy the food and see artist like Keyshia Cole and Tim McGraw

2 afterthoughts:

CHIC NOIR said...

The chic from the Real World is racist. She told the blk girl lets not get ghetto 2 or 3 times. She also screemed at the black girl first.

L'Artiste said...

i kno right!