Sunday, April 20, 2008

legalize it, got to recognize it

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1.Steed Lord
This past week the Icelandic band Steed Lord was in a near fatal car accident on
the way to the air port.. so show your support by going to

2. 4/20
I'm slow, I didnt know...i'm on facebook i'm tryna figure out
what the hell is everyone talkin about with this 4/20 mess?
well apparently ladies and gentlemen.. its weed day!
and congress is still tryna legalize it...
didn't know everyone was smoking like that

3. PostSecrets
i LOVE postsecrets, all you do is send in a postcard of
a secret you may have never told anyone and they post
it on the site every sunday.. and confessionals are great to read...
almost poetic.. check that out

Once again I am very busy trying to finish the semester but the summer shall be full of
more and more of addictive listings...
thanks for visiting? lol

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