Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Last Two Weeks.Incase You Missed It!

okay sooooooooooo... i've been busy..well we can't fix that --can we?lol
well here are last two weeks of events that you guys(or rather me)

1.The Hills -new season
MTV brought in a new season of the Hills!After continuing after last season when Lauren finally gets to go to Paris, Heidi leaves Spencer (about time!), and Audrina leaving Justin Bobby; this season starts off with L.C in Paris only to find out her "good" friend Brody Jenner has a girlfriend..well he sure didn't have one when Lauren was around...hmmm Heidi goes home to Colorado and guess who shows up? what's a girl(s) to do?well I guess you'll find out when it airs again every Monday at 9pm/central.

2. YouTube Offically Bites
It seems that YouTube is now deleting clips because of copyright infrigement(two of my videos got deleted back to back for :30sec of a video that I OWN). When I say "copyright" --I don't mean like those people who put a WHOLE MOVIE or esipode.. Oh no, I mean something as simple as your favorite 20sec part of a show/movie/commerical like Family Guy. I mean it would make sense for YouTube to cut a deal with the people complaining about the copyright law or fear losing profit margins.. try looking up stuff you normally did and see if it still comes up.. seems like YouTube may soon be just another site people used to go to..
(picture courteousy:

3.Jeremiah Wright:Out of Control--Can I get an AMEN?
Obama's pastor Jeremiah Wright got REAL on past sermons where he quoted:
"I'm glad my God --Jesus experienced what I experience --being a black man in America (well in Roman civilization?).. Obama has now cut all ties with his pastor who once inspired him to write a book titled: "Audacity to Hope"..bad move... because I wouldnt be surprised if they pull a hidden clip of Obama waving his hands in the air screaming "Hallejuh Praise Jesus" to one of his notorious sermons.

(thats his wife, don't she looked pissed?)
4.Hoes- There Everywhere apparently...
Seems like now-a-days , governers provide help,answers,control and money to whores???
in the past two weeks the mayor/governors of New York and Detroit have gotten in trouble for sexual misconduct while in office.. Governor Eliot Spitzer paid prostitutes 4,500Gs an hour for their "services" (and here I am going to college just to make 4,500 a-month..if i'm lucky). Then the new governor who is swored in after .... then comes clean & admits that he had an affair --but ONLY because HIS WIFE cheated first..I know she wasn't preapred for her business to be out like The following week, Detriot Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is found guilty of exmarital affairs(no hoes, well at least I don't think).. I mean I guess its fine if thats what you wanna do with your life, but just don't do it with my tax

5.Higher Gas Prices= I guess I'll be walking
I stopped driving for a while, only to find out that in my state gas is $3.20 a gallon!! OMG? can we say BUS route?well thanks to the disasters,stupid presidents and other denominators we now pay arms and legs for gas.. and I remember like yesterday when gas was like $1.30...

6.The Real World XX and the Real World awards Show coming up...
Real World Hollywood is said to air April 16th. 7 strangers picked to live in a house-- blah blah... This Wednesday the Real World Awards are said to air at 10pm/c. This is perfect opportunity (I think) for MTV to re-air the first 19 seasons instead of putting all these dating crap shows and ANTM in 7hour blocks-- all day & night.. I remember the old MTV and trust me -- I have seen better days...

7.Why is Michael Jackson's Brothers Working at your Local Grocery?
It seems that the brothers of the Jackson 5 who have sold 100 million records are now BROKE.. Reports say Tito was last seen stocking shelves in a store,Jermaine temporarily living with his folks, Randy working odd jobs like auto repair, and Michael not too broke --just in LOTS & LOTS of debt because of extreme shopping(Mike why do you need $50k porcelain egg?). However the Jackson ladies seem uneffected.. Reba and LaToya both stable and Janet worth $150 millions..Kudos women..

8. MAC Has a New Line..
And so MAC cosmestics has done it again! On March 26th 2008, Mac came out with their new line inspired by Hearette. The line features lip glass,a eyeshadow trio,pigments,blush and etc.
Check it out before it SELLS out..

9.New Music: Danity Kane,Lil'Wayne,Teyana Taylor,Beyonce,Ashanti and the list goes on
Danity Kane (who I just met two weeks ago-GO ME!) album "Welcome to the Dollhouse"hits #1 and their single "Damaged" is #2 on the Billboard Charts. Seems like everyone drives with Lil Wayne's new cd and rocking hits such as "Lollipop". Teyana Taylor, the "Teen President", has finally released her new cd titled: From Ah Planet Named Harlem
Beyonce's new song: Beautiful Nightmare has just been released as teaser for the rumored dance album that is to come out later on this year.

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