Friday, February 1, 2008

5 Things To Do When You Come to the Big Easy

Well since I'm home for Mardi Gras, so lets be themed and let me tell you what you can to do when can come to my hometown...

1. Mardi Gras
If you are in New Orleans for Mardi Gras, get ready to let loose! This is the one time you can get "it" all out(well you define what it is). Do what you want(um as long as you don't accidently kill you or someone else lol), where ever you want. I mean you might as well before Lent.
There are parades,strolls,parties everywhere you turn, and yes --liquor, everywhere too(did i mention i don't drink?). However, you may wanna get together before Ash Wednesday =).
The two parades I recommend as a must see is Endymion which starts at 5pm on the Saturday before Mardi Gras;or the legendary Zulu which one of the two only all black(most of time) krewe!

2.Bourbon St./French Quarters
I know you all have heard of Bourbon St. at least once in your life.. no matter where you live. Well this modernized "Sodom and Gormora" (well not quite) is almost the same. This is probably the only street that you can do whatever you want(long as its legal-some of the time), with or without
Then there is the French Quarter in general:there is Jackson Square --which stores St. Louis Cathedral,the French Market, Cafe Du Monde(which applies to #4),Dixie Land(all that jazz baby) and list goes on...
3.Ride the Streetcar
You don't even need a destination because riding the streetcar in itself is enough. You can ride 13miles from St. Charles to the Garden District (historic rich neighbor) or even to very end of the line only for $1-1.75! (lets see gas prices beat that!). See New Orleans most fundamental landmarks all in one sitting..and the wind running through your hair which ain't too bad either.

4. Eat Gumbo/Beignets/Creole Cooking
Now if you don't do anything else, this one is a MUST. The Creole Seasoning and preparation here in New Orleans is like no other (and i mean no OTHER). It doesn't just have to be gumbo; it can be catfish,jambalaya, crawfish-ettouffe, boiled crawfish, shrimp creole(okay now its gettin kinda long,but you get the point). You can get Creole Cooking just about anywhere but places like Mama's, Landry's,New Orleans Foods & Spirits(a bit farther away) or any restaurant thats sounds Creole lol.
And BEIGNETS (pronouced ben-yays) is a tasty doughnut-type pastry covered/or not covered, depends on your choice, with confectioner's sugar. You can only get the best from CAFE DU MONDE, which is right across from Jackson Square.
painting by Michael Wilmon
5.Go see Historical Stuff(great title right?)
New Orleans is one of the few places in America that still holds the culture/hertiage/landmarks from day one! 3 hurricanes can even erase that (um...remember Camille,Betsey,Katrina). You can still go on Haunted Tours, go to Museums(the Museum of Art is a good one), the graveyards(especially the one of Marie Laveau), St. Louis Cathedral(mention in #2), art galleries on Julia St.,Congo Square, this and that.. There are pamphlets all over the place, you know'll what you wanna see when you get there.

So ya see, there is all kinda of stuff to do in New Orleans(that you couldn't do anywhere else..even then it still wouldn't be the same--ONLY IN NEW ORLEANS!).. But with the city that never sleeps, you could do this all day and it would take more than a week to finish this list because there is soooo much more!!!

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