Saturday, February 9, 2008

5 Things of the Week

1.Michael Jackson 25th Anniversary of Thriller

yes,its official that the biggest selling album of all time: "Thriller" is now 25 years old! on February 12th,it will be re-released with remixes done by akon,fergie,,kanye west and more! it will also feature a dvd along with the cd..go get yours,and i know i will be gettin mines.

2. Super Tuesday?Election Time?
Bye Bye Bushie..

Who are you voting for? and why are you voting for them?
If you answer is Barack because he's black, or Hilary because she's a woman and you have no idea what they stand for... you probably shouldnt be voting...

3.The New World Order

never heard of this?probably because they don't want you to know.. well guess what?we're in a Union with Canada,Mexico, Canada.And soon the Constitution will be abolished and we will all be using the same kinda money: the "Amero"..and Africa,Asia and whoever else will be doing the same thing. To form one government..imagine that?its already in process and is very much real.. soon cash will be gone, and soon they will want you to get micro chips.. this is permanent and is often referred to as the "mark"..
don't take the "mark"...don say i didnt warn you...

4.Mardi Gras Couldnt have came a more wronger time

i love mardi gras however it came much too early! it came it went, and i'm glad its gone..

5.Me and Vday.. Don't mix and probably never will

(no babies were hurt while taking this

why is there a holiday to remind us, if we're alone.. guess what? YOU'RE still alone??
lol.. i'm about you?

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