Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Stereotypes..Don't You Hate Em?

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Well since MLK day just passed, lets hit a touchy subject..
don't you hate when people assume and make an
ASS+ (out of) U+ ME?
well here we go...

1.All blondes are dumb...( i mean just because jessica simpson is alittle "off" sooo?)
2.All asian people can't drive.
3.All black people like chicken.(I don't.. thank you very much)
4.All gay people want you if you're of the same sex.
5.All white people can't dance(have you seen Justin Timberlake?)
6.All black people steal(lady why are you looking at me in the store?)
7.All Asian people are smart,know math or can pass the ACT/SAT.
8.All Jewish people are greedy.
9.All black girls wear weave.(well...)
10.All white people are racist.
11.All gay men are flamboyant and own some form of leather chaps.(yes,people actually believe stuff like this!)
12.All fat people are lazy.
13.All Mexicans don't have car insurance.
14.All Asians own at least one nailshop,buffet, or apartments.
15.All Southerners are ignorant or Rednecks.(....)
16.All goths worship the devil.(Marilyn Manson only accounts for .78% of the population)
17.All lesbians are ugly.
18.All Indians are drunks or love marijuana.
19.All Asian women are oversexed.(luv u long time?)
20.All skinny girls are anoxeric or bulimic.(oh please)
21.All Brits are proper or have bad teeth.
22.All Saudi/Iraqi people are suicide bombers.
23.All men are sex fiends.(well some them like to be held too!)
24.All Spanish women are exotic and good looking.
25.All foreign looking people can't speak English.

People,people,people.. stereotypes are not nice.. infact they don't make others look stupid, they make YOU look stupid. So before you assume one of these, think twice and remember:
Someone could be thinking the same thing about you...

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