Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The 5 Next Big Things

There are many people of mygeneration who do alot, and are heavily note via the internet or other sources. Well these are 5 people i see running the next generation.


After starting out a young teen who used fashion to draw attention from herself, this turn fashion designer is now out there. Entering college(possibly the best thing that ever happened to her her) then being throw out, she then contacted via Myspace and became the fashion editor for SUPERSUPER Magazine in London and. Today, Ms.KESH has her own clothing line that is already being wore by many artists such as Kanye West,DJ A-Trak and Lupe Fiasco.


Matthew Steve who was born blind in his left eye is one of the biggest artist of our time. Growing up on the outskirts of Washington DC peculiarly sculpted his talent.Now age 27 his creativity can be found in an extensive client/collaboration list like Nike, Honda, Volkswagen, MCA Records, Interscope Records, Redbull, Burton, Avex. Stussy, Evisu, Ben Sherman, 411VM, Von Zipper and Armada with proceeds going to his crippled brother.

3. 2CENT

A group of talents put together"the hottest producers and artists from New Orleans and put them all on one accord so they can voice their opinions or "2CENT"s on the current state of New Orleans." The group 2CENT broadcast various issues & problems that we(new orleanians-is that a word?) face now after Hurricane Katrina. Being around for more than two years, 2CENT provides a serious and sometime comedic truth of whats really here, and not the lies you may see on TV. 2CENT is real,true, and to the POINT.
You can catch episodes on ABC(locally) at 12:30am Saturdays or see past episode via


Coming straight out of Berkeley,California this Bay Area ViXen is a great artist of her time. She dazzles in the art of fashion. Almost over a year ago at the age of 18 didn't have anything to wear she got an idea. After making sweatshirts out of various spare fabric she never knew that it would turn into sometimes of this magnitude. Now after creating her own fashion line she has various music artists sporting her gear properly titled "Boozey"--her childhood nickname name. Artists M.I.A can also seen rocking her line.Her site is said to be starting up Spring 2008.


Lauren ,who describes her artistry as "something i just kinda fell into"is a self taught make up artist who started in 2004, and went professional in less than a year. Via Myspace makeup groups, she learned to challenge her creavity in the science of makeup and went furthered it even more by attending makeup school(ha but she was talented before she even got there). After not being hired by MAC(what crack were they smoking lol), she now does makeup for photoshoots,videos and the list goes on...

These 5 people/groups are people I have grown to love over months, and to see the various talents they acquire, its only a matter of time before you turn on the tele(vision) and see their faces..Don't say TheListingAddict didn't warn you!

(some biographies derive from artist's direct myspace or site-more info can be found on their various sites listed below-and damn the formatting on blogger for doublespacing half way in the middle of my post)

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