Wednesday, January 2, 2008

5 Music Artist Who Should Be Worldwide or at least on MTV

You know you've made it when you appear on MTV...
Well these are 5 artists that I have heard through MySpaceMusic,,or just plain randomness and I still can't figure out why they are not on TV or my local radiostation yet!

After exploring music through a high school program in the Bay, this 19 old diva defines music as "an art and that it must be shared globally." Kara has a vibrant feel, and can almost can be mistaken as artist Alicia Keys with her neo-soul, nu-jazz roots.

2.STEED LORD- described as four "Fresh" young talents from New Crack City,otherwise Iceland they are driven by the power of the "purple diamond". STEED LORD uses influences of electronic,Crunk and House music with a "Gansta Twist"

3.SANTOGOLD-after moving to New York in early 2005 after she lost her father and decided she needed to focus on her music. She started out as a songwriter, and has written with Lily Allen and Marc Ronson as well as for Ashlee Simpson.Already receiving weighty club rotation and airplay in urban Afghanistan and downtown Beirut, Santogold is the first act of the century to boast a post-war following on the International Space Station Mir. The flavor of the gold is guaranteed: Santogold!

4.DJ KRUSH-born in 1962 in Tokyo. After watching the film "Wild Style" in the early 80s, he was inspired, bought some turntables, and started to learn the art of turntablism. In 1987 he formed the Krush Posse, which made numerous appearances as a group in late 1992 and gained him recognition by becoming the first DJ in Japan to perform with live musicians.

When DJ A-Trak was 13,he took his Bar Mitzvah money and bought himself turntables and a mixer. He practiced for about 18 hours a day..EVERYDAY. Then he finally came out of his basement, packed his lunch and won a bunch of world championships. Then after forming a crew called the Allies with Craze and friends, he became Kanye West's official DJ in 2004, and has been it ever since.

(most biographies derived directly from artists' myspace music page)

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