Monday, January 28, 2008

5 Discoveries I've Made Last Week

i'm gettin lazy? lol but i still list stuff!
so here are the 5things i discovered & love from last week !


i wish i would have known about him when i did my previous post on artists because somebody need to sign this dude!(or at least put him on MTV)

2.Rihanna dating Chris Brown
*angry face* cant i have anything ??? but yea..seems like
they maybe popping off...


3.MAC is bringing out some "brand new"...
Debuts:February 13th, before V-day!

4. {getting your} Nails Did.. is whats up!
especially with EXTENSIVE designs

5.Ricoh Gr Digital?

i like this camera,alot.. but for $600+
thats alotta packs of hair ..
XTi or gr..we'll see

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