Monday, December 24, 2007


On the internet you can find almost anything... and i mean anything..
Things that can help you.. and things that can scar you (2girls1cup-YUCK!)..
Here are some of the sites I find interesting and helpful....
(they're not in any particular order) any quote you need, in any situation.. you can find it here... infact if you join the site you can even add your own quote or quotes that are not there...its kind of the wikipedia of quotes(besides the other site lol) this is the place where artist meet. Any visual artist can come here to show and discuss his or her works.. you can also sell your prints to this works..

3. this a place where you can convert online videos from places like youtube into files that you can save to you computer in quicktime/wma or whatever else. You just enter the link.. and TAA-DAH! started by a hopeful named ashley, here you find different resources for your myspace, blogger, and etc. This site also contain mini-tutorials,fonts and the list goes on. tired of having to download yahoo msger,aim, msn,etc? or you want to use these services on a computer thats not yours (like work?) well this is the site where all you have to do is log in with your s/n & password and you can
access them all at once.... a photosharing website and online community platform. Similar to but for a photographer's standpoint. here you can find free pdf form of almost any book. Also if you are an undiscovered author yourself, can post your own book and get feedback on your work. no, i dont really
condone stealing software howeverrr... this site has tons of software links and "keygen" which makes serial numbers to help you pirate software.... wanna find the latest urban celeb news? well this is the spot.. it always keeps you updated from Beyonce to 50 cent to Denzel to Will Smith. going to a new city and don't know where is good hotel?restaurant? yelp is an online community where people post reviews on different places in America's biggest cities... website which focuses primarily on providing the general public with a way to buy and sell handmade items. where fashion designers can sell their work and designs and they can posting there designs for FREE... (the ebay of fashion). thousands of prices reported daily, a large collection of near real-time gas prices is available for nearly all of North America. GasBuddy has also text messaging and WAP site to allow users to get prices on the go. this is funny site that
a unique, one of a kind global article system. Have something to say? on this site you can tell the world.

15. one is for kicks.. however.. yes there is a site where you find sex hot spots across the nation... lol my college was even featured on this site- saying our library bathroom was the hotspot for gay sexual encounters.. i don't use this site.. but somebody visiting this blog will lol....

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