Sunday, December 30, 2007

Top Photographers I Know.. or Know of..

These are some of the photographers I know personally, or havent grown to know through sites like,,and etc..

1.Que Duong
Born in Vietnam and moved to New Orleans as a young child. As a child always participating in an art at the age of 17 turned to photography. Only starting with a 5 megapixel Sony Cybershot, he soon became an established photographer. .Now working in New York at a new magazine called "Obvious" he has what i call *natural god given talent*..

2.Edward Scoble
An artist, self-taught photographer and cyclist, born profoundly deaf in Lambeth, London in 1985. He started his large interest in photography ever since he started using a hand-me-down Pentax film camera properly that his father gave him when he was a child, it escalated into an expensive hobby.

3.Sharon Kim
I don't know much about her, however through her work on flickr she has inspired me in to getting into photography as a hobby or even professional.

4.Diyosa Christal
A mother from Northern California who is one of the best photographers I know.
Doing various pictures of her daughters and her life, it is evident that she is skilled in the art of photography. Very far from an amateur, she is also blessed with God-given talent.

5. Mark M.
One of the photographers who did my the pictures for my portfolio. He a great photographer who does work in New Orleans &Houma area. Doing editoral,artistic and and street photography, he has also worked for MTV.

2 afterthoughts:

Diyosa said...

Wow. Thanks!


sharon said...

thanks for featuring me! =) =)