Monday, December 31, 2007

The 5 Gadgets You Should Have By 2008

We live in a world with nothing but electronics and inventions and as of today
it is almost common for us to have these electronics and inventions..
So lets see if you are up to date with 2007-2008 most common
a small mechanical device or tool, esp. an ingenious or novel one.

1.a digital camera- cameras are everywhere: cellphones,purses,pockets. With memories passing us by, its almost impossible not to have a digital camera. And when it comes to quality and lower prices.. it's almost impossible not to have a digital camera with at least 5.0 megapixels or higher.

2.a mp3 player-when you get on the subway, walk around campus,in the store, what are people doing?walking to their own soundtrack coming from where? their iPod! of course iPods are not the only mp3 players, but they are the most popular! but Apple watch out, Zune might give you a run for your money ---literally, with a lower price and more gigabytes with increasing design.. who knows.. Zune could be the new "iPod"

3.a smartfone/pda/sidekick/iphone-
here is another thing that people really didn't get into until about 5years ago.. its almost hard to believe that in 2000 cellphones weren't as big as they are now.. Now everyone.. and I mean EVERYONE has a cellphone. Your 12year old next door neighbor even has a cell phone. And whats getting big now is phones with a keyboard(Qwerty or not) or touchscreen. Now everyone seems to be sporting a Sidekick,Treo,iPhone or Blackberry (which used to be used mostly in the business community)

4.a laptop-desktop computers are cool.. but one question. .can you put your desktop in your bag and carry it to class or work? Ha.. I think not... A good laptop can run from $500 and as high as $1700 (hello Mac addicts). Infact,on a good sale day you can get one for $300! everyone has them,everyone is getting them.. thank you Silcone Valley(the billgates movie) for making computers & operating systems =) ...

5. a mini-videogame system- now this is one I don't have.. surprisingly... now almost everything is miniature.. you carry a Playstation -PSP, any form of Nintendo-Gameboy Advance,Nintendo DS & etc, and the list goes on. Hey I'll throw a Wii system in there.. I mean you can't play it walking down the street but you can throw in your bag and move on with your life =).

So there is the 5 Gadgets You Should Have by 2008. But don't worry if you don't have all 5(I know I don't but I'm close), I know most of you have at least 3/5 of these in some way,shape or form.But let's face it, are people really pay attention to anything,any more?? no, lol because they are consumed in "gadgets". I will admit I do walk around school with my own soundtrack,texting on my treo or even in class, writing this

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